Get Involved

You can get involved with the WCA in a number of different ways:


Volunteers are a truly special part of the WCA. The services we provide would not happen without the countless hours our volunteers put in every week.  Check our volunteer page to learn about all our exciting volunteer opportunities.

Attend a Tour

Be our guest at If These Walls Could Talk, an inspiring one-hour tour.

  • Meet some of the WCA staff
  • Learn more about the critical community issues of domestic abuse and sexual assault
  • Learn about the services we provide to women, men and children victimized by domestic abuse and sexual assault
  • Hear about the ways to get involved with the WCA

Become an Ambassador

Being an Ambassador for the WCA means you are one of our most special volunteers.

Attend our Events

Fundraising and outreach events happen monthly for the WCA. These include not only our key annual events, but also a wide variety of events that are organized on our behalf by other groups, businesses and organizations.

Give Support

And of course, one way to get involved with the WCA is to make contributions. Donations to the WCA are accepted and greatly appreciated, whether it be monetary or in-kind. Donations to the WCA are tax deductible on your federal and state tax returns. We need your help now more than ever.

Schedule an Outreach or Education Presentation

Through our outreach presentations, we work to educate the public about the characteristics of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and healthy relationships. We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse in our community.