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CEO Update 6.3.2021

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 Healthy relationships begin with respect and trust.

Over the long weekend, I had the chance to spend time with my two grandsons—ages two and three. Thinking about my interactions with them and how special my relationship is with each of them, I can’t help but reflect on how the connections we have formed will influence their lives as they grow up. I am aware of how important it is for me, and every adult in their life for that matter, to model healthy relationships.

Regardless of what the future holds for each of them, I hope for them to find acceptance, love and understanding in all relationships they have as they grow up. Even as young as they are, showing them that I respect them, their feelings and needs, helps build an expectation for being treated that way in other relationships they will form over time. And, the way they fling themselves off the top of slides and high places reflects the trust they have that I will catch them!

I know that I will not always be able to protect them from being hurt—whether emotionally or physically, as they navigate life, including the complicated emotions that come with growing up. However, I hope to establish a baseline for what a healthy relationship feels like that they can use to build relationships with those elements as a foundation.

Healthy relationships should always begin with respect and trust, care for each other’s feelings and needs, as well as trust that you can rely on each other’s words and actions. No matter who you are, you deserve nothing less from the people in your life that say they care for you. As we start the month of June, which is also PRIDE month—it seems appropriate to talk about how important it is to value all relationships that are built on respect and trust. These are the relationships we should all seek for ourselves and support for others. If you need a sounding board, you can always check with our hotline team at 208-343-3688.

Wishing you a healthy and wonderful month of June,


In June, as we focus on healthy relationships here at the WCA, we want to introduce one of our special October events known as the SueB 5k 10k Memorial Race. This event honors the memory of Susan “SueB” Newby, who died at the age of 53 while horseback riding at Rock Canyon in Eagle under suspicious circumstances, believed to be a domestic violence homicide. Her husband was suspected of pushing her over the cliff’s edge. Her husband took his own life before he could be prosecuted.
This year, the SueB race will be virtual. A virtual SueB race creates an opportunity for individuals both locally and globally to come together to support survivors and raise awareness about healthy relationships. Thriving in healthy relationships is a start in ending the epidemic of domestic violence.
Will you join us in this special event? From today through June 9, 2021, we are offering a special promotional registration fee of $20 for both the 5k and 10k. Proceeds go directly to the SueB fund in the WCA Endowment which is designed to provide essential sustainable funding for our work through the years.
Learn more about SueB through this short video.

Register here!


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