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Corporate Pillar Spotlight: Norco

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We are so grateful to our WCA Corporate Pillars. This month we are featuring the marvelous support of Norco Inc. As a longtime Corporate Pillar, Norco also supports the WCA’s clients through our holiday sponsorship program, donating hundreds of gifts for our children and adult cl1norco logo w_outlinesients. Also Norco was a major donor to our recently completed Capitol Campaign for our new secure transitional shelter, Laura’s Home.

Ned Pontious, President of Norco, shares Norco’s work with us:

“At Norco, we share a common goal, Serving You Better, with “You” being our customers, our communities, our employees and our vendors. This isn’t just a statement we hang in a frame on the wall, to the Norco team, it’s a way of life. Each and every Norco employee owner takes pride in doing the right thing, in best way possible each and every time.

While we work hard every day to serve our customers better, we take just as much pride in better serving vital organizations like the WCA in the communities where we work and live.

But one on one, as individuals, that’s where you really see our desire to help others. From the branch manager who held the hand of an accident victim until help could arrive, to the customer service rep who stayed late to get medical supplies to a working mom for her disabled child. We do these things because they are the right thing to do, the things friends and neighbors do for each other.

We are proud to be your neighbors and your friends and we are very proud to Serve The WCA Better!”

We are so incredibly grateful to Norco for its outstanding support to the WCA’s clients.

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