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Corporate Pillars Spotlight: Norco

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We are so grateful for the long time corporate support of Norco, Freedom Level Corporate Pillar.  Norco has been the Healing Begins with Hope event sponsor for several years and Norco Boise Medical2also provided substantial funding for the WCA’s transitional shelter Laura’s Home, which is located on the welcoming five-acre secure shelter campus.

Why does Norco provide essential support to the WCA’s clients? President Elias Margonis says, “Norco is a proud long term supporter of the WCA and the positive impact their values and efforts have in our growing community. Now, more than ever, during these dynamic and trying times, we have a responsibility to continue to support those in need.”

Norco has been a major company in the Treasure Valley and throughout the state for many years. Founded in 1948, There are currently 1300 Norco employee-owners in the 7 state region including close to 700 in the state of Idaho. It is the nation’s largest independent gas manufacturer/distributor of welding, safety, medical equipment and supplies.

The WCA is extremely appreciative of everything Norco and its employees do to make our WCA world a much better place. Its compassionate and generous support is instrumental in assisting our shelter clients and our work in the community. A great example is Norco employees individually buying many meaningful and thoughtful gifts for our clients each holiday season through special tags placed on a tree at its offices. Their kindness speaks volumes about the climate of caring at Norco.

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