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Donor Spotlight: Aiden

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Aiden's letterWe received a heartwarming note and donation last month from Aiden who is in the fourth grade. We reached out to Aiden’s parents to learn how he came to be so generous at such a young age. Proud Dad shared that “Aiden is a natural born caretaker, always watching out for his friends, his family, especially his little sister. He is generally the student at school who looks out for the younger students, or the students dealing with bullies.”

Aide Bice 2018

Aiden cares deeply about things that adversely affect children. Ever since he has had an allowance, he has put money is his “give” jar and now also donates the money he makes from lemonade and cookie stands. He has given to children’s hospitals and organizations that research children’s diseases. Aiden chose the WCA this year because “his big heart just broke when he found out that families sometimes have to leave their homes to get away from bad situations.”
Aiden wants to be a police officer when he grows up, “because they help people.” Aiden, you have already helped so many! Our additional thanks to March and Shannon – you have a remarkable son.

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