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Donor Spotlight: Marie Golden and Coworkers

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We love highlighting donors who reach out and are willing to give back in any way they can. Marie Golden contacted the WCA in December with the hopes of supporting our clients and children this holiday season with her coworkers. Marie asked, how many women and children were in the shelter, but perhaps more importantly, she asked: what do they need?

The answer she received was simple and to Marie, a surprise.  Our clients needed gift cards to go grocery shopping and gift cards for places where they can have an experience as a family.  Marie understood that while meant her and her coworkers would not be going on a shopping trip for new toys or clothes for our clients, these gifts were just as valuable.

These coworkers recognized how important for our clients it is to have these donations. Gift cards to go grocery shopping provide stability and certainty in a time of great change and uncertainty after leaving an abusive relationship. Spending a day downtown doing a family activity allows for these moms to connect with their children in a new way. It gives the family space to feel safe and “normal”. The trauma they’ve overcome does not define them.  The memories they make those afternoons will be part of their new life free from abuse and fear.

Marie spoke to us about why donating was so important to her and her coworkers. “We all have days and times that we go through where a stranger’s friendly smile makes a difference in our day.  Even if just for that moment.   Being able to support these women and children in such a difficult time for them brought a smile to my face, one that hopefully a stranger was able to see and make a difference in their day.  Domestic Violence can be a cycle but if we overpower that cycle with being grateful, helping others, empowering women, having a thankful heart and showing the children that there are strangers that love and care for them, maybe someday we can all break the cycle together.   I again learned that a little bit of light in a moment of darkness overpowers the darkness. This really was a true blessing to me and I feel grateful for everything WCA and other DV agencies do to help women and children escape unfathomable circumstances and build a stronger, healthy and happy family unit and community with just one step of faith.”

We are so grateful to Marie and her coworkers for their donation! It is so inspiring to have community members who are willing to give to our clients and who dedicate themselves to helping to break the cycle of domestic violence.

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