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Donor Spotlight: Meet Lexi

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Lexi Crawford, a senior at Capital High School, is a volunteer at the WCA and recently chose to benefit the WCA for a donation project she is running.

 Can you describe what exactly your fundraising project is?

I am holding a competition between the sophomores, juniors and seniors at Capital High School for my fundraising project. They are donating money to a specific class and the winning class overall will get an early release from the last class of the day before Thanksgiving break.

What made you decide to make the WCA the benefactor of your project?

I decided to make the WCA my benefactor for my project because I am truly involved in this organization. I am a volunteer for the holidays and am realizing how much they truly need on a daily basis. My heart is deeply involved in this organization. I believe this is a serious issue that is not getting enough awareness and isn’t acknowledged by the country. We tend to ignore something so terrible instead of making a change about it. I hope to raise awareness from my project.

What have you learned so far since embarking on this project?

I have learned so much from starting this project. I have learned how much hard work organizations like the WCA goes through on a daily basis. I have learned how time consuming projects like these are. I have also learned that it truly pays off. Whenever I walk into a classroom and see the jars getting filled up with change or cash, it gives me a feeling I couldn’t even begin to describe.

The WCA has inspired me to get more involved with what is going on in our community and it has made me realize how many people are truly clueless on the subject of domestic violence. I hope to have my voice heard across the nation and make domestic violence come to an end.


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