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I am Healed and I am Made Whole

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By Survivor/WCA Client

I graduated from a university in the Philippines and that’s why sometimes I have problems in language barriers and culture.

I found the best shelter in this city “Women’s and Children’s Alliance” popularly known as WCA. And maybe the best shelter around America headed by 2 special extra ordinary women with excellent expertise in creating realistic down to earth program to reach out to women and children.

When I reached WCA  to seek help for the first time I was gladly welcomed by a lady with a special smile that brought me comfort I felt at home and safe at once. The aura of the office has a calming effect. I felt the presence of God. I also met the Court Advocate. She told me to cool down and relax she assured me WCA will help me.

Serena’s  House is well maintained shelter. We have freedom & privacy because we have our own room that gives us space and peace. We also have a store to buy all our needs using our points earned by attending all the programs. Thanks to our dedicated Residential Operations Manager.

At first I had a hard time adjusting to a messy kitchen simply because this is my first to live in community living. I always kept the dining and kitchen clean because I live there and I consider it my own. And hoping that thru my example the others will learn to keep the house clean.

Every weekend we had birthday party for the kids and the women alike. I brought happiness to everyone in the house. Women were fighting over me as to who is my best friend and even the children were fighting over me every time I come home they ran to me shouting “Grandma!” They pushed each other or pulled the hair of the other little girls just to be hugged by me. It touched my heart. That’s why l find it hard to leave. I stayed there for 5 months I established friendship.

I like WCA’s life changing program. I am healed and I am made whole.

WCA is a one stop shelter where it has all kinds of program that is designed to heal our broken hearts and mend our broken dreams. I like very much my Court Advocate Manager because she believes in me. She is always there to answer my voice mails and emails let it be in early morning or midnight. She is very diligent in looking for Lawyers to help me. She listens to me like my counselor who is the best Clinician I’ve met & talked with. One awesome Client Advocate said, “no one is perfect, tomorrow is another day” a very encouraging words with soothing effect that mended my broken heart.

My Case Managers helped me get a 6 months housing grant and provided me the furniture l need most.

W C A gave me an ultimate grant at Create Common Good which totally turned my life around. I gained respect there. They see my great potential not only as a Chef but a good Manager. Three jobs are waiting for me.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of the WCA, most specially to all the invisible great & dynamic board, donors & supporters which is the life blood of the whole system of WCA. I appreciate very much your full support.  You healed me and you made me whole and great again! A million thanks to all of you “Good Samaritans.”

I wish you a blessed Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

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