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Idaho House Bill 116 Passes

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We are proud to see House Bill 116 implemented in Idaho. Effective July 1, 2019 all rape kits will be tested except in cases where the survivor chooses to remain anonymous.

Idaho is a trailblazer in our nation’s fight to end the backlog of rape kits. Idaho was the first state to institute a digital tracking system for all rape kits. Survivors are given a tracking number so they know where the evidence in their case is being held.

The state mandates that this evidence is held for 55 years. In certain cases, a survivor might choose to remain anonymous, but are still able to track their evidence kit if they choose to press charges in the future.

The bill passed the Idaho House and the Idaho Senate in a near unanimous decision. We look forward to the positive impact this bill will have on survivors of sexual assault.

Read more about House Bill 116 here: https://trackbill.com/bill/idaho-house-bill-116-sexual-assault-evidence-kits/1682285/

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