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Staff Spotlight: Megan Raimondi

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We are very excited to introduce you to our new Clinical Services Manager, Megan Raimondi! We are so happy to have you at the WCA and back in Boise!

What is your position at the WCA, and how long have you been in that position?
I am the Clinical Services Manager and I have been here full time since October 2020.

What are the duties of that position?
In this role, I get to supervise and support the counselors and case managers, while also carrying a counseling caseload of my own.

Where did you work previously?
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and registered supervisor, and I hold my Master’s in Social Work from Boston College. I’ve been in the field for 12 years. I most recently worked in a very similar position at a domestic violence and sexual assault agency in Sacramento, CA, providing clinical supervision to a team of 15 counselors. Prior to that, I’ve also worked as a social worker and client advocate at a community mental health agency in Cleveland, a foster care support agency in Seattle, and a Rape Crisis Center in Madison, WI. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have loved working with clients of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and experiences.

What brought you to the WCA?
I grew up in Boise and have memories of volunteering with the YWCA back in the 80s and early 90s. As I grew in my career, I hoped that someday it would work for me to come back to the WCA. I have always had a passion for working with survivors of trauma, and have admired the WCA’s mission. With the pandemic, I was really missing this home – so I wandered onto the website and saw the opening. And now here I am! And I am so grateful to be here.

What is most rewarding about this position?
I love witnessing the growth of the clinicians and case managers I get to support. Trauma work is hard, and having good support and a good team to process with makes such a difference in our ability to do it well – for ourselves and for our clients. Plus, the clinicians and case managers are all so awesome at what they do – they often just need a space to be reminded of that! I also love getting to witness the growth amongst clients, both my own clients and the clients the counselors work with. What an honor it is to be a part of someone’s journey in this way.

What do you look forward to as you continue in this position?
I look forward to continuing to increase the support and services that we can offer our staff, our clients, and our community. I am passionate about decreasing barriers to services and I believe in building relationships within the community in order to do that. I am so excited to see all that is ahead for Clinical Services at the WCA!


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