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ACHD Golf Tournament
The Ada County Highway District held their annual charity golf tournament on September 13, and the WCA was selected as the 2014 recipient of the proceeds—a whopping $45,000!

Each golfer received a goody bag which also included a golf ball decorated by the children at the shelter, as well as the WCA’s brochure and “shoe card.”  Golfers were required to use the decorated ball in play, and if they still had the ball after 18 holes, they received a prize.

Not only were the registration fees from the golfers donated, but there was a silent auction and celebrity golfers were “live-auctioned” as an extra player for the winning foursomes.  The beautiful trophies were designed to include the WCA’s name and logo.

Regina Cunningham, the ACHD representative who handled all the many details of the day, told us why she advocated so passionately about the WCA being the designated charity this year.

“The WCA touched my heart because of personal experiences. Someone very close to me made choices in her life based on fear and survival.  She didn’t realize or know there were alternatives. She felt there was nowhere to go or no one to turn to for help. No one to guide her out of her abusive relationship. No one to help her recognize her self-worth, strengths, and talents. She resolved to a subservient life to survive, resorting to alcohol to ease the pains of what she has accepted as her course in life. Sadly she has little realization that life can be any different than what it is. Even when given some opportunity, she is too afraid of potential consequences, to make any changes for the better.  If there had been a program like the WCA available to her years ago, perhaps she would have found the strength and courage to escape and be living life on her terms now. I admire the work the WCA does through all their programs…but more so, just getting the word out that there is HELP, there is HOPE and there is a WAY OUT. No one should stay in an abusive relationship because they feel there is no escape…because there is, the WCA.”

We are so very grateful to the entire ACHD team for their generous and heartfelt support of the WCA.  It was a wonderful day in every way!

For pictures from the event, click here!


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