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Susan Says: Beginnings and Babies

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What could be a better new beginning that the birth of a new baby?

When one of the moms at our shelter is about to welcome a baby into their lives, there are so many ways that our wonderful donors love to help. With a new baby comes lots of questions though, especially for those wanting to support the mother. We need to ask what the mother needs, what will help that baby start their new life either that be a crib and mattress, diapers and clothes, or maybe a new car seat.

We have very generous people who have taken our little ones as their special mission in giving back to the WCA. These donors are  so excited to help make this special time for mom (and possibly siblings) memorable and happy. Many of them remember what it was like for them as new parents, and they love sharing the experience by donating special needed items.

And what better new beginning for this baby and mother than in a safe place like Serena’s House?

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