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Unplugging from electronics is one of the ways that I renew my spirit. Having just returned from a week on the river- camping out in our beautiful State- I had no access to my cell phone, the newspaper, TV or radio. For a brief period of time, I was able to just focus on the beauty of nature and my basic needs. There is something so relaxing about just “being”. I realize not everyone can take a week and go camping, or may even like the idea of a week in the wilderness- but all of us can make the decision to “unplug” on a consistent basis and practice self-care. Phones do not always have to be answered, TV does not have to be watched and newspapers do not have to be read. We can control when we take in the information and how much we choose to take in. No, I am not talking about sticking our heads in the sand, but rather being more deliberate about when and how often we choose to be in reactive rather than proactive mode. There is not always a lot that we can control- but oftentimes how we choose to spend our down time is one that we can. Try to ensure you spend some of that time taking care of renewing your spirit and equilibrium!

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