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What Does Compassion Accomplish?

Rebecca R - JV outreach coordinator 2020

Rebecca Rodack, JV Outreach Coordinator

One of our frequently-used taglines is, “What Compassion Accomplishes.”

We try to make this idea the focus of everything we do at the WCA. This idea that extending compassion, understanding, and empathy is not just something you feel for someone else–it’s often an action. It’s visible in the way you speak, the ways you support and treat others–how you listen and respond to someone you may not agree with.

The current moment we are experiencing as a nation and globally is an opportunity to practice this mantra. Compassion is not always an easy thing to extend to someone–especially when you may not have the background to totally understand their perspective. It’s difficult at times to know the “right” way to practice compassionate action. It may be cheesy and over-simplified, but the important thing is that you act–whether or not you’ve done it perfectly or the “right” way. It is necessary to then be open to the impact of those actions and be able to consider how to take better action in the future. Progress can be made through this process of action, response, and revision.

The truth is, just saying you “have compassion” accomplishes very little. Change and impact is made when that compassion is transformed into action. What are you doing to show that compassion? Maybe you’re practicing education and reflection with peers, advocating in your organization, sharing support on social media for the things you believe in–

These compassionate actions have the potential to create real change, and we’ve seen this in our work here at the WCA. When our community shows compassion for our mission, empathizes with our clients and those who care for our clients, we feel that real, tangible support. You show up to our events, give of your time, share our mission and messages online–all of these actions let us know that we are not alone in our work.

While doing this work, be sure to give yourself time to reflect, recuperate, and rest.

Thank you for the ways you have shown–and continue to show–compassionate action.

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