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Rebecca R - JV outreach coordinator 2020Like probably all of you, this is not how I imagined this summer going. We’re all experiencing heightened anxieties and worries, unsure of what might happen day-to-day. When you can’t see an end to the challenges you’re facing, it can be hard not to feel like they could go on forever. It’s understandable that we may be feeling poorly more than usual–even a little hopeless.

One thing I’ve learned over this past year is that there are people trying to do good in every city, every community, and every organization. It’s been comforting to know that while we face many challenges, there are also caregivers, activists, and advocates tipping the scales every day in favor of kindness, well being, and justice.

As I come to the end of my time as the JV Outreach Coordinator, I’ve started to reflect on what this past year of service in Boise has meant to me. One of the lessons that stands out, is that no matter how hopeless or frustrating circumstances outside of our control may be, there will always be people putting in work to “make the world a better place.”

I am full of hope for the future because I have witnessed the generosity and compassion of the Boise community in so many ways. I’ve gotten to work with this amazing WCA team, volunteers, and community supporters who dedicate their time to helping others find safety, healing, and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault. I’ve spent time with volunteers at other nonprofits and organizations in Boise who continue to do selfless work even in the midst of this tumultuous time.

Having hope is a choice to be excited about the possibilities of the future–instead of dreading them. While we don’t know what changes this time will bring, we can trust that there are other people doing the work alongside us, and we can have hope for a better future because of this work we put in.



Jun 22


WCA Mission Tour

Join us for a 35 minute virtual tour to learn about our mission of safety, healing and freedom through the stories of clients and the impact of our services. The WCA Mission Tour aims to inspire and educate about the complexities and realities of domestic abuse and sexual assault, both here in the Treasure Valley […]

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Oct 01


SueB 5k and Family Friendly Scavenger Hunt October 1, 2023

Join us for the 14th annual SueB 5k The 14th annual SueB 5k will be on October 1, 2023 and we hope you can join us! We invite you to join us to raise awareness about domestic abuse, while memorializing the life of an individual who has brought so many people together. The SueB 5k […]

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