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The Compassion Project: Use Your Voice

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Compassion Project OC Team

WCA Outreach and Communications Team

We tend to take the comforts and rights we enjoy every day for granted because, for many of us, they’re all we’ve ever known.  We may have never lived in a time or under an authority that caused our silence. How can we fully recognize the value of the right to free speech until we have been forced to keep quiet? But, this is not just experienced by those under a certain regime or in a far-away country. Forced silence, silence for survival—there are many reasons a person’s voice is lost or ignored.

2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote—gaining a voice in a crucial arena—and 110 years of doing what we do at the WCA. We could not do this work without the movements of women and allies throughout history who had the courage to use their voices. Over a hundred years of advocacy, support, healing, and change.

So, why do we continue to do this work?

Because there’s still work to do. This work will never be finished because we can always try to create a more equal, more just, safer community.

We celebrate the progress that has been made, and salute the perseverance and vision of those who came before us.  But, we recognize that this is not a celebration of finished work and remembered achievements, but work that is still in progress—achievements that have yet to be made.

We all have the opportunity, whether we take it or not, to speak up about the causes that are important to us—to advocate for the voices who are silenced, lost, marginalized, or ignored. Learn about the issues and start conversations in your own community—whoever that may include. As we move through this New Year, we should strive to recognize and honor the voices of those around us. And, when those voices are not being heard or heeded, find ways to raise those voices up, speaking with them as best we can.

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