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Volunteer Spotlight

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Volunteer Spotlight: Julie with Rolling Tomato!

By: Shayla DeVisser

Julie with Rolling TomatoJulie D’Agostino moved from California to Boise and started Rolling Tomato in April. Julie’s goal is to “make food waste history”. She spends her Saturdays  going to Farmers’ Markets and collecting fresh produce that was not sold that afternoon. Once she collects the produce she rushes around the city dropping off the produce to local shelters and food programs, such as City Light and Life’s Kitchen. Julie recently joined our volunteer team and started delivering this beautiful bounty to Serena’s House and Laura’s Home. Julie shared that Saturday the 26th of August marked one ton of recovered food since April, when the market started.

Rolling Tomato picture

The residents at Serena’s House and Laura’s Home are so grateful for this kind donation. One of the residents made this drawing to show her appreciation.


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