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Volunteer Spotlight: The Maguire’s

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In honor of Mother’s Day, this month we are featuring a fabulous mother/daughter duo – Amy and Becca Maguire! Amy is a dedicated child care volunteer, and Becca serves as both an Ambassador and wonderful outreach volunteer.  


Right to left: Amy (mother) with Becca (daughter)

1. How did you get involved with the WCA?  

A: Becca was the one who really got me involved. I went to one of your tours and then to one of your fundraising breakfasts. After hearing more about the program and how much you do I wanted to see what I could help with.

B: I got involved with the WCA after going on the “If These Walls Could Talk” tour. I found the tour to be incredibly inspiring and I knew that I needed to help out in any way that I could. After the tour I became an ambassador and started to volunteer with the outreach team.

2. What are your hopes for the future of the WCA?

A: I think having the ability to reach more clients and expand your programs, both with housing at the shelter and counseling in the community would be my hope for the future for the WCA.

B: The WCA is such an amazing asset to our community and I would love for more people to know more about this organization and the resources that are available. I hope that one day they are able to expand more to different areas in Idaho to help others who have been affected by domestic abuse and sexual assault.

3. What motived you to be a volunteer for the WCA?

A: I already work with children so I thought it would be a good fit for me. I have loved being a support for the staff when they need an extra set of hands and spending time with the kids.

B: After the tour I ended up watching The Hunting Ground, which was unbelievably eye opening for me. It was really upsetting to see what had happened to these women and seeing how prevalent sexual assault is, even in our own community. I saw the importance of speaking out about sexual assault and informing my community about the resources that are available. I am very thankful that the WCA has an amazing outreach team and I was able to find a place to get the word out about the WCA and increase visibility about sexual assault and domestic abuse.

4. What have you gotten most out of being a WCA volunteer? What is your favorite part of being a volunteer?  

A: Like I said, I have really enjoyed the kids. Working in the shelter gives you a real hands on perspective of what this program does and makes you realize how much this is needed in our community.

B: Being a WCA volunteer has taught me the importance of conversation. Conversations can lead to amazing connections and you never know who might need to hear what you are talking about.

My favorite part about volunteering for the WCA is that I get to help spread the word about the WCA! I also really enjoy handing shoe cards out when I am volunteering and even when I am not. I always have a few with me in my purse and I even have some at my desk at work. My other favorite part about volunteering is that I absolutely adore my WCA community! Everyone is always so welcoming and supportive. It has been one of, if not, the best volunteering experiences I have ever had!

5. What does volunteering as a mother/daughter duo at the same organization mean to you?

A: I think that Becca and I feel equally passionate about this cause. I really have her to thank for introducing me to the WCA and getting me involved.

B: I find it to be super empowering that my mom and I volunteer with the WCA. Even though we don’t volunteer together directly, it is encouraging to know that my mom is passionate about the same things that I am passionate about. It is meaningful to me that we are working together towards a goal of helping women and children find safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault.

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