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Denim Day: Wear Jeans for a Purpose

Welcome to Denim Day 2020! What a different world we find ourselves in today—so much has changed. Unfortunately, some things have not and they include the prevalence of sexual assault and the immediate inclination to blame the victim for that assault. According to the Crime in Idaho Report for 2017, a non-consensual sex offense (excluding […]

Denim Day 2020

Denim Day 2020 is on April 29th. While we won’t be having any events out in the community due to the necessity of continuing social distancing,  you can participate with us virtually by wearing some denim on that Wednesday and posting to social media with #DenimDay! We will also be going live at noon on […]

Mark Your Calendars for Denim Day!

Denim Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 29th. Denim Day is an international campaign held in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In Italy in 1992, an 18 year-old girl was raped by her driving instructor. The man who raped her was convicted, but it was later overturned by the Italian Supreme Court who said […]

Denim Day 2019

                Denim Day celebrated its 20th year last month. The Women’s and Children’s Alliance started a local Denim Day campaign in 2015. Denim Day is an international awareness campaign focused on victim blaming and other stigmas facing survivors of sexual assault. The campaign began after a rapist’s conviction […]

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