About Us

For more than 30 years, the Women’s & Children’s Alliance (WCA) has been at the forefront of providing services to women, men and their children healing from domestic abuse and sexual assault. Since its founding, the WCA’s crisis program has evolved into one of the most vital, unduplicated, comprehensive programs in our community and region. The WCA is proud to be a community leader in providing these critically needed services. We’ve been an important community partner for more than 100 years and providing safe places for women to live has always been at the core of our mission.

In 2015:

  • 177 women and children stayed in our shelter for a total of 10,387 safe bed nights.
  • Client Advocates answered 2,139 calls to our two 24-hour hotlines.
  • The WCA provided 2,732 counseling sessions to 313 new adult clients and 106 new child clients.
  • Court Advocate staff and volunteers assisted with 617 of the 709 civil protection order applications filed in Ada County Court last year.
  • The WCA provided 2,732 counseling sessions to 313 new adult clients and 106 new child clients.
  • Case Managers held 1,215 sessions and worked with 187 new clients.
  • 35 clients attended 47 group sessions to learn more about diverse skills ranging from basic auto repairs to preparing healthy meals.
  • 288 individuals participated in the Treasure Valley Economic Program (TVEAP) with a graduation rate of 89 percent. 76 coaching sessions were delivered.

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