Hope Society

IMG6476-LMembers of the Hope Society are multi-year donors who believe passionately in the work we do. They also understand that we need sustainable funding we can count on in order to serve the increasing needs in our community. Joining the Hope Society is a significant commitment, and it represents priceless gifts of safety, healing and freedom to the families we serve.

Please consider joining the Hope Society today. There are three levels available; each represents the minimum level of commitment:

  • Hope, $1,000 per year for five years
  • Safety $2,000 per year for five years
  • Healing $10,000 per year for five years
  • Freedom $25,000 per year for five years

If you are interested in joining the Hope Society, contact Diana via email or call 208.343.3688  ext. 282.

Following is a list of individuals who have already made the decision to join the Hope Society in support of our mission.

Hope Society Members

(as of January 2018)

*Founding members of the Hope Society have supported us continuously since 2005
Hope Society

Nancy Adrian
Ahlquist Family
Mike and Ann Allyn
Darrel and Lori Anderson
Marcene Austin and Dennis Lazzar
Mike and Toni Ayers
AJ and Susie Balukoff
Janine Bastian and Dennis Whitmore
Jan M. Bennetts and Cory Stambaugh
Steve and Sandy Berenter
Lysi and Scott Bishop
Jeff and Bea Black
Tracy and David Blenker in memory of Fay Walker
Bill and Karla Bodnar
Britt & Belle
Hollis Brookover and Milt Gillespie
Gina Brostmeyer
Jan Bryant
Cherie Buckner-Webb
Ross and Jessica Burke
Russ and Janet Buschert
Fran Caprai
Doug and Meredith Carnahan
Carolyn Casey: Women’s Aha! Camp
Rob and Susan Centeno
Greg Chavez (Orion Integration Group)
Amy and Chris Clark
Merlyn and Sandy Clark
Mike and Sharon Clawson
Teresa Cleary
Debbie Cleverley
Ryan and Richelle Cleverley
Laura Cobb
Nancy Collins and Daughters
Carolyn Crosby Collins
Ronda Conger
Carolyn Corbett*
Cornerstone Design
Julie Custer and Kathy Scott
Chris and Warren Davis
Shauna Della
Julie DeLorenzo
Deborah and Joe DeSousa
Rich and Judy Dickson
Lori and Brian Donaldson
Suzie Dustin
Pat Dye
Julie Edgar
Jacquie Elcox
Dave and Keli Elledge
Sue Ellis
Emily Fascilla
Jessica Flynn
Beverly Geddes
Janet and Tom Gohlke
Vicki Gowler
The Griffin Girls
Lisa and Bruce Grow*
Raquel and Kjeld Guglielmetti
Bryan and Emmy Guthrie*
James A. Hall
Mary Hanson
George and Bev Harad
Robert and Anne Hay*
Erica Hill and W. Darrow Fiedler
Deni Hoehne
Morgan Hoffman
Lindy Hofstetter
Kenneth Howell
and Bernadine Marconi
Daniel and Julee Hunt
Lauri and Greg Janos
Sally and Alan Jeffcoat
Anna Jenny
Dave Jeppesen
Tamara Johnson
Zeke and AnnMarie Johnson
Judy Jones
Charley and Nancy Jones
Joy and Thomas Kealey
Toni and Mark Kelchner
Larry and Susan Kelley*
Knick Family
Larry and Kaye Knight*
Tannan and Matt Koehl
John and Luana Lamkin
Twyla Lehto
Nancy and Ernie Lemas
Jack and Pam Lemley
Jennifer Leonard
Ann Lewis
Treacy and Kurt Liebich
Aparna Limaye
Annette Lipp
John Lough and Patti Diener Lough
Edmund Low
Scot and Christina Ludwig
Aunick and Tyler Lund
Allie Mann
Carol Martin
Carrie and Mark Matsko
Kelly McConnell and Aaron R. Willey
John and Luci McDonald*
Mac and Cherie McElroy (in memory of Randy Della)
Mike and Theresa McLeod
Cindy Mendoza-Gray and John Gray
Dawn King-Menzner and Jeff Menzner
Mike and Lori Mers
C.K. Haun and Karen Meyer
Ed Miller and Teri Stein
Laura and Mike Miller
Molly Maid of Boise (Ms. Molly Foundation)
Anne Moe
Amy Moll and Bill Knowlton
Mary and Ernie Monroe
Dee and Bryan Mooney
Jason and Annie Morley
Lois and Jack Morris
George and Karen Mulhern
Ralph and Carol Myers
Amber Myrick
Karey Neal
Neil and Tyley Nelson
Toni Nielsen
Alicia Nichols
Michelle Novak
Connie Brown Olson
Kris Ormseth and Kathi Pearce
Jim O’Toole and Karla Rosa
Troy and Jana Owens
William and Melissa Palumbo
Dick and Susie Parrish*
John and Sue Paul
Stacy and Mark Pearson
Mystella and Peter Pena
Leslie and Doug Phillips
Ned and Renee Pontious
Marshall Priest
Heather Quisel
George and Kelly Raad
Brooke and Eric Ramstad
Wayne and Wendy Rancourt
Kendall and Holly Rasmussen
Marjorie and Peter Reedy
Jennifer Reimers
Julia Robinson and Peter Kozisek
Darcelle Sander
Denise Savoy
Gene and Sandy Schmitt
Charles and Jenny Schmoeger
Andy and Elizabeth Scoggin
Jack and Jan Scripps
Terry and Dave Self
Tom and Jan Shipler Jr.
Sonia Sherlock
Ingrid Sliger (in memory of Oivind and Gerd Moe)
Linda Payne Smith and Jeff Smith
Tom and Carol Smith Family
Matthew and Michelle Soderlund
Greg and NorRae Spohn
Craig Stein
Brandy Stemmler
Laura and Andy Stento
John and Lynne Sterling
James and Patti Stevenson
Yulanda R. Stockton
Lisa Stoehr
Joni Stright
Duane and Lori Stueckle
Beth Toal
Pam and Brian Thomas
Doug and Carrie Tucker
Richard and Lisa Uhlmann
Peter and Debbie Wachtell
Kathleen Weber
Jodi Whittaker, CPA
Christine Wilcox
Maureen O’Keefe-Wing and Vern Wing
Gina Wolverton and Dan O’Donnell
Ryan and Holli Woodings
Kyle Woods
Mary Woolf
Jeff and Leslie Wright