BeaLine July 2017

July is the month that we celebrate the freedom of our country and the many freedoms that we enjoy. For our clients, freedom can be very personal and take many forms. #WhatCompassionAccomplishes #WhatFreedomMeans

Thank You Leadership Boise!

Leadership BoiseMoving to a new place is always hard. What eases the burden of that transition for most people are friends, neighbors, and the support of a welcoming community. Unfortunately, a lot of that support is lacking when someone moves into our shelter. The WCA does the best we can, but it isn’t the same as freely moving and getting to know a new community on your own terms.

This is why Leadership Boise’s “Sharing Boise” Project is such a beautiful idea. They put together a packet for each shelter client containing a brochure of things to do in Boise that they created, gift cards, coupons, and a heartfelt letter of welcome. We will always remember their kindness, and cannot express how grateful we are for their thoughtfulness.

Thank you Leadership Boise.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dahn L.

Dahn LIn this issue, we spotlight Dahn L., who has been one of our stellar Child Care volunteers for six years.

How did you find out about the WCA?

I attended a “Soup Tweet-Up” at Moon’s Cafe where the WCA was a beneficiary of the proceeds.

Why do you volunteer with the WCA?

I love kids. I wanted the opportunity to be able to provide a positive male figure to the children; having them understand that there are still good people (especially men) out there they will love and support them.

What have you gotten most out of being a WCA volunteer?

Being able to build relationships with the children that have come through the program over the years. I’ve had some Mom’s say: “He/she always asks about you!”; and that’s is a pretty cool feeling.  It also warms my heart when a Mom will express her gratitude and say “Thank you for being here for my kids”. [Read more...]