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How to Respond When a Friend Confides

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and part of creating a more compassionate society as a whole is in how we respond to sexual assault survivors.

As the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN, explains:

Fascilla-Emily“Sexual assault is a violent act to humiliate, terrorize and degrade the victim, with survivors feeling fear of rejection, humiliation, shame and degradation as part of a host of emotions they experience. Fear of being judged or being seen as liars are two prevalent reasons for not assisting in the judicial process. For many male victims, the shame and secrecy is compounded by the fear that their own sexuality may have something to do with being targeted, or at least that others will think so.” [Read more...]

Corporate Pillar Spotlight: Chad Case Photography& Video

chad case photographyLisa Uhlman, Corporate Pillars Manager

The 24th WCA TWIN Awards luncheon at the Boise Centre on April 4 was a marvelous celebration honoring 51 fabulous women.  Over 750 guests gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2017 TWIN Honorees and this year’s Joyce Stein  Award recipient, Luci McDonald. President of the WCA Board of Directors Bill Bodnar congratulated the 2017 TWINs, sharing that this day “is a way to celebrate women who have had a positive impact on their professions and acknowledge the companies who have actively recognized, promoted and supported them.”  The WCA congratulates these extraordinary women for making the world a better place.

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Supporting Our Clients: Juliet and Claire

Juliet and Claire Toy Donation 3.30.17

Juliet and Claire came to the WCA with their little arms full of games for the children we serve. Thank you to these two sweethearts for their donation!
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