24-Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline: 208.343.7025


24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

Supporting Our Clients: Brighton Corp.

A BIG Thank You to our incredible friends and Corporate Pillar Brighton Corporation for their generous in-kind donation of six infant car seats and pots and pans! These types of donations are absolutely priceless in supporting our clients.  Please check out our Wish List for current client needs.  Back to Blog >>

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Supporting Our Clients: Stronger Together TWIN

What a splendid successful well attended event! A group of 40 dedicated compassionate Forever TWIN women met September 13 to engage in the importance of all being TWINs and to begin with the goal of developing a strategy to engage and assist with WCA’s clients’ needs and WCA’s work in the community… therefore the signature […]

Staff Spotlight: Ellie Wallis

Ellie Wallis got her start in nonprofits in an unconventional way. There was a development that was going to be a strip mall right next to her home in Chattanooga, TN. The developer wouldn’t communicate with the neighborhood. So, Ellie organized with her neighbors and a local nonprofit that protected the creek near the development. […]

Corporate Pillar Spotlight: ESI

“ESI has always been dedicated to supporting the WCA because of their commitment to empower women and children to get back on their feet. We support organizations that operate with fiscal responsibility and discernment when it comes to stretching their budget and the WCA demonstrates this very well.” Neil Nelson, President, Engineered Structures, Inc. (ESI). […]





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