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Ambassador Wings: May 2021

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In the language of flowers, May represents the return to happiness. For some happiness could be as simple as soaking up some sunshine or indulging in a home-cooked meal. I can only imagine what returning to happiness could look like for our survivors, but I would believe in many ways it is parallel to a returning of self-worth and having the safe space to be their authentic selves.

In lieu of Mother’s Day, whether your mother is the person who birthed you or a chosen mother, the gift of a person to mentor, love and support you is something that is always cherished and quite special. I also believe, like the flowers, there is much happiness and gratitude that comes with those special people in our life. I wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight our WCA Ambassador, Denise Savoy, who is a survivor and a mother. Denise has served as an Ambassador since 2017 and on the Ambassador Seeker Team for the last 3 years. She has dedicated her time to helping the bigger picture of educating our community through tours and outreach whilst utilizing her perspective to help us at the WCA and the community see the world through a survivor lens. Denise is a remarkable, intentional, and overall human with a generous heart that is dedicated to the WCA mission of safety, healing, and freedom. We are so grateful to have her as part of the WCA Family and I am honored to know and work alongside her.

My name is Denise Savoy, I grew up in Florida and relocated to Boise in 2010 with my two children. Growing up in Florida we spent most vacations on the beach, so when I moved here and started spending time in the mountains I fell in love! I enjoy backpacking, baking delicious treats, and climbing many mountains – since moving to Idaho I’ve climbed 50 peaks! In 2016, a friend invited me to a WCA event, and that night sparked the passion I now have for the WCA. When I heard the stories of the past clients and the mission of the WCA I knew I wanted to be involved with the organization. I started by giving a monthly donation, as I felt this would help make an immediate impact. It wasn’t until I started learning more about the WCA’s mission that I realized how unhealthy and unsafe my previous relationships had been. It also helped me understand how lucky I was to have survived my own personal storms without the help of an organization like the WCA. Navigating the healing process with two young children and no free services like those offered by the WCA was difficult. As my passion grew, so did my continued support for the WCA which led to becoming a volunteer and Ambassador in 2017. Being a volunteer has also opened opportunities for my family to help lend time and support the WCA. Two of our favorite ways to support the WCA as a family is through the City Santa where we volunteer each year together and picking tags from The Giving Tree. It makes me so proud that my family stands with me to raise awareness and support for the WCA.


Thank you Denise for all your service as a phenomenal WCA Ambassador and Ambassador Seeker Team member. I am so grateful for you because you are a reason we fulfill our mission and the work we do at the WCA everyday. Cheers to this May and I hope each of you take some time to think of the special people in your life, and maybe you are also one of them!

In Healing,

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