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Corporate Pillars Spotlight: Saint Alphonsus

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Here at the WCA, we are so grateful for all of our amazing Corporate Pillars. Our work relies upon community support and having so many local businesses and organizations choose to join us on the road to providing safety, healing and freedom is awe-inspiring.

One Corporate Pillar that amazes us is Saint Alphonsus Health System. Josh Schlaich, Public Relations, Digital Communications Manager with Saint Alphonsus, had this to say about the WCA’s partnership with the hospital:

“Saint Alphonsus and the WCA have many things in common.  We both care for the underserved and vulnerable.  We give shelter to those in need.  We save lives.  Together, Saint Alphonsus and the WCA have sparked immeasurable positive change in our community for those that need it most.  Through collaboration with nurses, physicians, social workers, and others in the clinical environment, the WCA provides a vital resource to free patients of domestic abuse and sexual assault situations. 

Health is more than just about physical ailments, which is why a number of programs that Saint Alphonsus focus on spiritual, emotional, and mental health in addition to the physiological.  Programs such as:

  1. The CARE Maternal Health Clinic and Federal Way Clinic, which provide specialized healthcare and outreach to address the unique concerns – and traumatic histories – of refugee patients.
  2. The Housing First Program, which is a partnership between Saint Alphonsus, the City of Boise, Ada County, St. Luke’s, Terry Reilly, and CATCH to address chronic homelessness in the Boise area. 
  3. Meals on Wheels, which provides nutritious meals to homebound individuals aged 60 and older.
  4. Transforming Communities Initiative which supports efforts to reduce childhood obesity in partnership with local schools, raise the legal sale age for tobacco to 21 years old, encourages breastfeeding and baby-friendly hospitals, and ensures walkable and bikeable local streets.
  5. The Mobile Health Care Clinic, which provides improved access to vital screenings and preventative health services for those that are in remote rural areas. 
  6.  And many more…

Thank you to the WCA and congratulations to the Saint Alphonsus TWIN Award recipients  for their commitment to serving the most vulnerable in our community.”

Thank you to Josh and the entire team at Saint Alphonsus for all that they do for the WCA and our community.
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