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Corporate Pillars Spotlight: Damsel in Defense

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Damsel in Defense Grand OpeningWe are very grateful for the Corporate Pillars support of Damsel In Defense. The company was co-founded by two moms, Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, who were looking for an opportunity to provide for their families while helping others. They recently celebrated the opening of a brand new Damsel In Defense Home Office in West Boise. The company currently has over 10,000 Independent Damsel Pros nationwide who are spreading the mission to keep women safe across the country.

Mindy and Bethany are also devoted to helping women throughout the world. Damsel In Defense has partnered with Destiny Rescue to support a rescue home in Cambodia for girls who are rescued from the throws of sex trafficking to receive refuge and hope for a future free of abuse. The support of Damsel In Defense for the WCA’s work in the community has been phenomenal. Why do they support the WCA? Mindy and Bethany, Co-Founders of Damsel In Defense say, “We have both long respected and appreciated the efforts of the WCA here in our own community. We believe in what the organization stands for and considered it a privilege to be able to give back in a way that betters the lives of others in our own backyard and protects women, which is something we are obviously very passionate about.”

We thank Mindy, Bethany and Damsel In Defense for their marvelous assistance to our WCA clients and our work in the community. They are absolutely amazing women making a huge difference in our world and in the world at large.
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