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Donor Spotlight: Barber Valley Ward

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Barber Valley Ward – Heidi Wolfe

Tell me about your donation

The Barber Valley Ward donates 6 gallons of milk a week and it goes directly to the residents that live in the shelter and the Childcare Program. A few months ago when our Childcare standards changed to have only whole and skim milk the Barber Valley Ward did not hesitate to meet that need for the children that reside at the shelter.

How did you/your group come up with your donation idea?

There was a need many years ago and someone with Women’s Auxiliary Relief Society stepped up to fill that need. Heidi said, “it is just something we like to do and we feel really grateful that the WCA is there to help women and their children in a time of need and if our little donation of milk helps you keep your doors open, then we are just happy to help.”

Why do you think giving back to the community is important?

The Barber Valley Ward has three main mission statements:

  1. Increase faith and personal righteousness in Christ
  2. Strengthen hope and family
  3. Reach out and help those in need

Heidi states, “I feel like those three mission statements encompass why it is so important to give back to the community and that is why we give back to the WCA.”
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