24-Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline: 208.343.7025


24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

From Bev’s Desk

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

The Joyful Heart Foundation has spearheaded the NO MORE PSA campaign that brings attention to domestic violence and sexual assault and the silence that, too often, accompanies these issues.  Directed by Mariska Hargitay, the Foundations President and Founder, more than 40 celebrities have been enlisted to speak out and to raise awareness. The driving concept is a commitment to “create a society in which there is NO MORE stigma and shame, NO MORE domestic violence and sexual assault”.
Beyond the PSA’s, the campaign seeks to influence television storylines, dispel myths and to galvanize a community of change.  I’ve seen the PSA’s and have listened to NFL players and Law and Order actors speak – to call for action – and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.  Dialogue is essential and must be on-going – not the by-product of a headline tragic event.  I applaud the Joyful Heart Foundation’s aspiration to educate and to energize the conversation to end domestic and sexual violence.






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