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From Bev’s Desk: Generosity

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The WCA owes a million thank yous to a community whose “open heart” policy has allowed the agency to touch so many lives, in so many ways. Generosity is measured in multiple ways with each gesture creating a mass of collective support that strengthens the agency’s mission-driven foundation that blossoms through an innovative client-centered approach that is abloom with opportunity.

There have been many young hearts who have donated their allowance or designated their birthday parties as gifts for the WCA clients, learning early on the essence of the word community, and that self-less giving can bring big smiles to small faces. There are those whose creative handiwork have found a home on the head or hands of a shy child whose world has been rocked by violence. Then, there was the man, unassuming yet driven to make a difference, who sought ways to help WCA clients get on their feet while feeling the warmth of joy. He asked for nothing and gave without hesitation.

To all of those whose long-term commitment to the WCA’s cause has been unflinching and constant, your rock-solid support sustains and enriches a program designed to discover violence-free self-sufficiency. Like a kaleidoscope, whose modulating colors form delicate patterns of shapes and colors, the vast array of support emanating from the community, from its many sources, coalesce to bring a bright and colorful future to the WCA. Thanks so much! Back to Blog >>


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