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Lowe’s Heroes Renovate WCA

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Employee volunteers offer time and skills to remodel the local WCA.

11781869_10152921726390588_4416370572048396889_nRoughly 80 Lowe’s Heroes from the Treasure Valley volunteered their time and skills over the course of one week in July to assist in remodeling the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. The project consisted of remodeling what previously was used as a dormitory, transforming the rooms into office space. Also, the children’s therapy room was remodeled with new paint, flooring, and shelving for toys and other crafts storage.

Lowe’s Heroes is a company-wide volunteer initiative that offers Lowe’s employees the opportunity to work on a project in their own neighborhood, helping to make their communities better places to live, work and play.

WCA Clinician, Patti Chromey,LPC, said of the project, “Lowe’s has been a valuable member of the Treasure Valley for a long time.  The work they did will continue their legacy for generations to come.  As one of the therapists who works with families and children I am so very grateful for their positive support and interaction in creating a therapeutic space for those who have experienced abuse and trauma to find freedom, healing and safety.”


Check out the amazing team of Heroes at work here!

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