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24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

SueB 5k 10k

The annual event is presented by the WCA and the Employees of the Ada County Paramedics Association and held in memory of Susan Elaine Newby (SueB). Sue died in 2008 during a mysterious horseback riding incident. After her death, family and friends realized that SueB – her nickname – was likely in an abusive marriage. Sue’s sister, Marjory “Marj” Sente, and friends Leslie Hampe and Teresa Andrew, turned to the WCA as a way to honor Sue’s life and increase awareness about domestic violence. 

Marj said, “We’ve been able to make something positive out of it through this event, not only the community outreach but also being able to raise funds for the SueB endowment.” The SueB fund within the WCA Endowment allows for free client services to continue for many years to come. 

The SueB 5k 10k is more than just a race. It makes a statement that healthy relationships are possible and that our community is passionate about ending domestic violence. We are so grateful that we have a community that supports our work at the WCA and helps us continue to make an impact here in the Treasure Valley. 

“This issue is near and dear to me,” said one participant.  “I grew up in a domestic violence household. I work with children, and a lot of my kids are impacted by domestic violence. This affiliation and SueB connection is because it directly relates to my kids. It is a great cause, and I support it 100 percent.”  — SueB Participant

We hope that when someone decides to participate in the SueB race, they are having conversations about healthy relationships and domestic violence to normalize the need to reach out and get help. Wearing a SueB shirt shows the community that you support survivors and are a community connector to all work towards ending domestic abuse.

 The WCA is here to help. Please share our 24-hour hotline, 208.343.7025, with anyone who may need help. 

“Don’t wait until your sister, daughter or mother is a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault, step forward now and make an investment in the WCA to raise awareness about domestic violence.” –Marj Sente.


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