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Nurturing Parents Group

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WCA Announces Nurturing Parents Group

Have you ever wished that your child would come with an owner’s manual?  Childhood is an exciting time of exploration and wonder. It is also a time of learning how to form relationships. In order for children to learn how to create healthy relationships it is important for parents to understand how to teach empathy and respect.  The Nurturing Parents program is a great way to find help and support in teaching the next generation healthy family values.

Nurturing parenting is a set of basic beliefs. These beliefs help parents raise their children in a caring home that nourishes their self worth, promotes a sense of personal empowerment and cooperation, understands  appropriate developmental stages, teaches compassion, and generally treats everyone in the family with respect in a non-violent, dignified way.  Through the Nurturing Parents program, the entire family will benefit from the natural law of nurturing. Parents will learn the art, science, strategies and techniques that promote empathy in children and form the basis of day-to-day family interactions.  Every week a new lesson will open the possibilities of learning new parenting skills that will help the family to grow in a healthy and compassionate way.  Parents will learn to have appropriate developmental expectations of their children, the importance of meeting both the parent’s and child’s needs, the use of cooperation rather than obedience, setting and keeping boundaries, and allowing children to thrive in with independence. The in-home practice exercises will give each family opportunity to practice nurturing family skills in their own home.

UPDATE 8/3/2018: This group is currently only being offered to residential shelter clients.

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