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Olivia’s Cookie Smiles

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OliviaGSCookies07312017Olivia from Girl Scout Troop 300 from Eagle stopped by with her Mom and younger brother on a bright Monday morning with a box full of delicious Girl Scout cookies. Her Mom said she’s worked very hard during the whole cookie campaign to be able to bring down this box, as she chose the WCA as her charity from the very beginning.

Olivia loves cookies and she said that no kid should have to do without cookies. Olivia’s Mom said she talked with her about how some children have to live in a shelter and that sometimes means having to go without some ‘extra’ things for a bit. And for Olivia, the idea of going without cookies was not an option. This little girl made it her mission to bring some ‘cookie smiles’ to the children in our shelter this summer. Thank you Olivia, your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated. What heartwarming compassion for such a young mind.

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