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Prevention Perspective: New Year Resolutions

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Tracy Darling- DeMarcus
Prevention Program Manager

The New Year can be a time for us to reflect on what has been, as well as a time to look to the future and envision what could be. A violence-free world IS possible. Each and every day, we can all take steps to make this world a reality.

Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent domestic and sexual violence:

  1. Be the Change. Reflect on your own relationships; not only romantic relationships, but friendships and relationships with family members as well. Set an intention to model healthy behaviors like trust, respect and equality in all of the relationships in your life.

  1. Share Information. Invite a local organization, like the WCA, to come speak at your workplace or with a group of your friends. Let others know that you are committed to working toward a world free from violence.

  1. Talk to a Child. Teach your children about healthy relationships, boundaries and respect. Let them know that they deserve to have fun, happy, healthy relationships with their friends, peers, dating partners and family members.

  1. Donate Time, Talent or Treasures. Many organizations like the WCA rely on volunteers and support from their communities. Reach out to an agency to see how you can help.

  2. Change Your Focus. Set an intention for yourself to actively practice ways to prevent violence every day. Support girls and women as leaders, challenge traditional gender norms and values-centered in power and aggression, call out victim-blaming language and instead ask “why does one person feel like they have the right to do this to another person?”.







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