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Staff Spotlight: Meet Emily

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B. Emily HeadshotEmily Fascilla, Donor Support Specialist

What do you do in your job at the WCA?
I get to interact with our fabulous community of generous donors, organize awareness and fundraising events, and ensure that we can continue to provide our services at no charge to our clients.

How long have you been with the WCA?
This month is my one year anniversary! I did it!

Where did you work prior to joining the WCA team?
I worked for a financial advising firm. It was clock in-clock out work. Leaving at 5 p.m. each day was nice, but feeling passionate about a long day at the WCA is unbelievably better.

What do you find most rewarding about your work at the WCA?
As hard as it is to see new families and young children in our lobby, I am so glad they are here. I know that once they have connected with the WCA they are safe. It is so rewarding to work for an organization that can be a glimmer of hope for the people who need it the most. I am continually impressed by the services and programs that the WCA provides (I can’t take any credit – I only help fund them). From the Case Managers, to the Court Advocates to the Child Care, to the Counseling, the WCA is truly a new beginning for its clients. It is an honor to work for an organization where victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault are able to heal and come out on the other side.

How have you changed or grown as a person through your work here?
When you are passionate about something bigger than yourself, I think your perspective shifts in such a positive way. You become more grateful. You’re unable to sweat the small stuff because you have seen what truly matters. You realize that every person has a story and that compassion and understanding should always precede judgment (it was very difficult to hear so many friends criticize and judge Janay Rice, type in the #WhyIStayed hashtag on Twitter or Facebook for more information regarding this). I am grateful to the WCA for everything I have learned and all the ways I have grown in the past year.

Is there a memorable moment or story that you’d like to share that you have experienced at the WCA?
Last year about two weeks into my job I was feeling a bit (okay a lot) overwhelmed, as you do with any new role. I was discouraged because I didn’t have my processes down to a science yet and I felt like I was still fumbling around. It was right before Christmas and we always receive so many lovely holiday cards and donations. I opened up a pretty card with a check inside and the note read “In memory of my daughter, Anna, who stayed in an abusive marriage one day too long.” I quietly cried at my desk and over and over in my head I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “This is why I’m here. This is exactly why I’m here.” I was no longer overwhelmed, just determined. I still think about that card often.


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