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Who was SueB?

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The SueB name represents a number of things at the WCA — a strong woman, a time for people to celebrate healthy relationships, a time where our community can get out and race for a cause and a call to action to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

But who was SueB? We had the privilege of learning about Susan “SueB” Newby through the eyes of her sister, Marjory “Marj” Sente and friends Leslie Hampe and Teresa Andrew. Here are a few quotes from them that describe who Sue was:

“Sue was single-minded when it came to horses.  She loved them her entire life. From the time she could walk, she rode a stick horse. When she was about three, she received a spring horse for Christmas. When the springs wore out, our mother suspended the horse on ropes from a clothesline pole and Sue kept riding. 

When she was nine or ten, we started to board a horse for the summer, so she could ride with her friends. This practice continued through high school. After she moved to Boise, Sue got interested in Arabian horses. She had Sissy for years. She bred Sissy twice. Tio was one of Sissy’s colts. Sue raised him and was riding him when she met her untimely death in 2008.

Throughout her life, Sue was capable of taking the reins and working for the things that she wanted. She would have enjoyed getting out and participating in the SueB 5K.” – Marj Sente

“Sue was the type of woman who was always confident and stood up for herself. She found joy in  entertaining — she could throw together a dinner party in 10 minutes and Sue never failed to laugh at herself.” – Leslie Hampe

Sue was the type of woman who spoke her mind. She found joy in holiday gatherings with family and friends and never failed to laugh at herself and her friends when being silly. One of my favorite things about Sue was she was always her genuine self.” – Teresa Andrew

It is clear through the stories of her friends and family that Sue was a professional, driven and outgoing person. On the date of her untimely death, April 4, 2008, Sue went out on a horseback ride and never returned. It was suspected that she was a victim of domestic abuse but before her husband could be arrested, he committed suicide. The SueB 5k 10k is an opportunity to raise awareness that domestic abuse can happen to anyone and it knows no boundaries, but there is help out there. As Marj has mentioned in past interviews “Don’t wait until your sister, daughter or mother is a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault, step forward now and make an investment in the WCA to raise awareness about domestic violence.”

Please join us this October 3rd through October 9th during our 12th annual virtual SueB 5k 10k to remember Sue and honor other victims and survivors of domestic abuse. 100% of participant fees go directly into the WCA endowment allowing the WCA to continue providing free services for clients for many years to come. We hope you will join us this year!

Register at: https://runsignup.com/SueB5K10K


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